For me, to me, of me
An ephemeral mandalaic castle of spires
Floats aside cumulus nimbus desires
Horizonless beyond all gifted realms of surprise
Yet as snowflake reminisce, circular self-identical in turning rotate redundant a frozen
motionless ride among, astride dusk crescent moons uncast aside.
Land and water, fire wind with sky comprise the ancient pagoda of wood stories five
while groundroot for me of poetry remains variation of tapestry upon diagram venn conceived
of yellow and blue blend into green, denoting fond metaphysic of sea with light to verdant shine
rudiment life, this being crucible inextricable mix of physical sight of archetype and pleads
Empedocles’ dual Love and Strife
Who fix appearance constant though oft unseen, unnoticed being of twins within both world and
mind in moment sharing fate of Time.
And these the motionless wheeling, moving wheel pleads causeless cause for enigma of events
sometimes Indiscernibles sublime.

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