Life is like a flash in the pan,
you see / irretrievably brief, so
hard to grasp; / just as old Demosthenes
intoned when asked /
his thoughts on reasons for
gods, citing as /
well twas hard to tell owing as
well to /
said question’s nature, thus
pleading acquittal /
of bland quizzicality and
hoping /
was he for some little ease /
in having aggravating
circumstance / relieved and
preferring to stay seeing /
the world as atoms jostling in a
void. /
The alternative being a
constant rush /
of amazement rough hewn and
wooden /
fleshless sight of lemmings
dazed on the march /
over sill of cliff to selfie spill
self /
into prefab ditch to toss roll
and pitch /
like marbles’ roll of swirl in
bowl and drown /
out the sound of no meaning
round and round /

That was yesterday then, so
this is now / when it doesn’t
make much made of sense / to
say this its explosivus combustion /
began spontaneous from some
static / prestar condition of
microsoup /
then touched by infinite’s
angelic wand /
of slender whispy shape from
great beyonds /
numberless uncountable length
of span /
respun unaccountably poetic /
multiversically in league with
spheric / rhetoric tones from
ideazones who /
too by holy stick explode in
tomes of / unique meaning
gleaned clean as drifting
flakes /
from single mind combined
with us, the near /
sightless deaf and hearing
blind conflagless /
yet of wingless flaging jest
sublime. /

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