The Primer of Gratuitous Bidenesque Ambiguity

{ Dayadvance vs. Darkrecedence } (Become Undone By Fun:) speaketh thus part one:

The forces of humanity are preconscious manifestations of historinevitability, and faith in irrational

moodenhancease the mutual interlock displeaser of unity on the shared trailmixed inextricably all get a shot of everyone is everybody else no better no worse my old man digested said back in fifty-five when mysunbow tied one on old oak whiskey backyard tree plutputplanted where everyone could see by gum i mean by johnny appleseed of Not-worse-for-wear Delaware not least just east of Scranton’s first salesman of aluminum pot hatgear before heading out west with uncle jed selling drillrig parts after horse harness market went dead like the music, man, did in the dark at the top of the stairs folks, we got trouble right here in rivet city and i used the lace uhva uhva of a boot Knute Rockne used to go-outen-gitim strangle a moose with hairy legs in that swimming pool where i told ya flake cornpop was a bad dude til i strung him up with bike chain noose like anyone with a klanbake baisted soul restorer with his own store of stories would do which is why my demo crate’s fulluv all for one for all from me, us, all of us to you: part two:

The rule was only fools couldn’t see before lektrick lite day’s the time of great happy chance of work and you could see what your hand scant could feel the difference between a dime and a nickel while dark of night was aligned with regress into greytime breadline depression distress while thugs roamed streets in jetblack obsidion shine stewed baker’s limos machine gunning down other nightblackcoatguys like bugsy capone til the cops’d dragnet you home so dark the singsing searchlights by night saw every ladder not a joke, folks. Then later streets were lit better like more masscandles so us happykids we’ll never forget this y’could laugh and play in light all day but even had stickball games at night under bright street lights that ran day into night so that’s how it first came to be a deep ambiguity if night be day so dark is light then too soon enough the darkness was bright and granted fearless repose of right so guess you could say progress means what used to be evil since unseen was now accepted clear as day so too oldfashioned right of bright was sung as song of night although to the simple it seems like fact over truth they’re back from when still priests were men and my greatgranny from Ireland would still think the stone virginmary would spy with creepy eye everything everyone thought or did by day and at night would prance about dark empty church naves doing i saw a gaelic jig and great souls take swigs when kids still played in parks no malarky part three or that’s all it sez to saybout darky?

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