Great Red.Blue Starwar
began as tussle internecine at great depression’s flagging height around ’39 at Wisconsin’s capital town,
the latter’s founder eventually shooting himself at his ritzy staid Maple Bluff manse after selling out.

Blue Star had moved to Rockford by then victorious selling out in seventy-seven. They’d adopted the sleek silvery stainless steel Salvo Cookers by war’s end, leaving Red Dot in the dust with TaTo The Clown featured still as solitary boxcrayon ad gimmick while Bluestar had long since made retort decisive

with its memorable blue navy enthused writscript slogan Better than you thought the best! – a genius strategic move at unknown behest, a psyop optic masterfest. By post time the conflict had like their chips passed into obsolesence,

leaving behind ruffles with ridges and dehydrates in tubes and cheesedusty gems of astronaut food
having gone the way of peanuts in shells in bars, ad slogans themselves and costumed card parties,

Guy Lombardowide gray lapels you like it likes you in slender green bottles so the war ended before it was through, over chippiest taste ‘tween dot red and star blue

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