Lexemish lemmas and lemmatic lexemes vie
to endemically justify slick indemnification of leanabout lemmings in abject haste across the
plains of degrassive lawns subdued to brown by implacate suns in shout of glare while hornhonk
blare confines what remains of brainy minds to find by means of lexotic trick the brassy
priestly missing pyx among the shallow squirt lawn fountains twixt holes five and six where
oft is surmised shanked groundballs lie among the abbattis of putters cracked in rage over
misconcentrate’s prognosticat rain arriving in gusts off lake in wavy sheets like northern lights
prevail upon arctic ice where floes ship floating bears away down south to a certain bay where
newfies used to fish for cod and whalers portuguese made place of port of basque from where
recipes found a way to fresno californiaye where alongside railroad tracks staid old hotel still
offers tomatoey huge bowls of great soup do tell.

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