Fk¹: but new fighter bases the ah, three in two states meaning a dozen votes…
Fk²: The thing of it is those cities are still with us base or not the uh….party down there has a weak congress contingent…still…
Fk¹: …wasn’t he the one who thought teachers were overpaid? or…something like that…i think. We aren’t able to accept that idear.
Fk²: He claims he was misquoted though…
Fk¹: …by the Times?
Fk²: –no Post. Their former governor said he thinks that district takes the negro vote–
Fk¹: —well yes what else can he say? He’s facing a state convention in there that’s uh, the uh…of course when you consider–Fk²: I’m not so sure those people still have control though.
Fk¹: Let’s find out first and, well if they do you see that, um–
Fk²: —complicates chances of uh–
Fk¹: no it has to be a clear majority or he won’t go in and the fact of the matter is knowing him he’ll take everyone theah, so…
Fk²: i’ll find out.
Fk¹: tomorrow?
Fk²: tomorrow
Fk¹: “never comes”
Fk²: if only.

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