O bleak creature of sharp agility swallowing whole prey whole, worm-like scorned scurge of the abysmal chasms gone alleged extinct when Skull Island sunk into the sea– O great epitome of ugly, bum carnivore with eelish reach of grim neck in twist of shape all slinky sprung to munch by bladed teeth and tasteless tongue in anticheek–

O gaping piehole of meatweasle mouth of fouling gut and slytooth tail who lives beneath the loathsome muck of valley swamps between squat mustard spires breathing stenchvent breath, the volcanic shitspewn pores of dripping tarpits the geologic whores in ghonoreic green malady now sunk, the sulpher-scarred miscarriage of earth: Skull Island.

But now reborn by artificiality to form a laughing troop of chorusline danceworms to prepare future virgins for the whims of billionnaires who acclimatize all future victims to gruesome dearth by resetting lust through love of horror come, come now at that hapless dusk which still portrays all death be dawn of lost all day.

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