From then on in my sincere expertise had been Chinese bikes that is exercise

bicycles Chinese made.

An import which

had brought with it computer chips of a style and type the agency would, could not condone since there they managed to control in addition to this nearby fridges

with uncertain mix of Koreanish

coffee urns automatic, the kinds that churn in sidecar grinder French roast whole bean though most brands remain goddam obsolete yet flow obscene thru cargo ports in bulk damn lurking inside ships supposed to be toys or plywood or those tiny green rocks you’d see on fishtank bottoms in dentist offices that goofy seaweed color

look or at band practice backrooms being the false rust on rims at base of horn valves worn out by time will tell how long this lasts til dang shelter gives another dumb task maybe at a junkyard or better dump

like the cleanup remains of burnt out house

where I got to sit and pound out all day

cuz of rain that dang Chopin polynnaise.

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