What in the world could’ve been meant
By ‘in the world but not of it’?

Save some senex conclusion drawn
Of some future religion gone

where communion dawn comes on
in flat triangle shape where
down is up is up is down

and sides aren’t felt but all subsists
a triune world as sustenance heavensent and meant to seize, certainty in isoceles.

And the partaking of stark bright
divinity itself is termed The Senex tasted, felt, and seen

as various subtle shades of brown
as though toasted yet not proffered
but in bowls of glass by stainless steel rimmed, lightfilled yet lidless.

As participant initiates all Obligato termed
are dressed in oversized chasuble
white folds of toga reminiscent
linen bleached, blest,

and ceiling naves were painted day
blue turqoise with faint gold flecks, slight
yet visible, seen like forsaken
spray of Milky Way all splayed
in quantum haphazard giving in to inkling awe of misplaced fate displayed.

In the center fat squat bleach white
Doric pillar rotund sat, allusioning great Orphic muse marshmallic and emblematic
of Monument’s solitary nod to all Meaning’s abode,

yet still its solemn beginning
of mysteries untold,
where all stand chairless from young to old
til minds in wince surrender all consequence to heart of heart in soul,

and darkness breathes out what’s last in tow
of all that’s left of world we know

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