Let’s see.
First the clever quip
of misery obligatory
Tripping over etymology
for bath salts of sudstinging eyes for sad kittens.
In pleading quiet mews upside down Comparing
splitting woods to atoms, searing hearts,
Always on the verge
of nervy sadness compressed:
“Woe is me.
The leaves turn brown in tinseltown, barns in
breakdown, with moons in frown while reminding
us of curse of chemical sounding
suborbital asphyxiant, wary of selfpitied scrounge”
Publishable eminent for prize number six in the journal ezinic Inimitabilities,
where we note alas tizwrit: ‘Ah, let’s see.
The prudent grip of misery but vaguely phantasmagoric,
tripping clever over etymologies of teary rinse
repeat like rain etcetery’

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