Declaim the wind,
the constant source
of force and friend
alive withstanding
rise of awesome
rending racket
of slender bough
all surrender bent,
doubled over
like old kidneys
or innards while
all else speedfloats away proudly
profuse in overuse,
vast trash heap rapidfire
dispersal horizontal toward untouchable horizons made deaf
to dark by night!
Your gusts intermittent coax tall white pines
to remember snows long gone about to come
like blanket whistles antiaudible whooshing sliding crescendos advancing to gray sun of silent flurried
dawn, by noon to fog the dimlit disc
amid the pallid ashen sky!
A stillness now but only seen as kinetic array of jostling every whichaway of flake cruising buglike
all but down,
to profess a crystalline likeness of diamondcoat
by moonlight time.
That speedladen wave, your cousin, our mutual only friend, lakewater’s daughter and the playmate
of every lonesome leaf.

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