Gif sat around, hoping to confound the insensate
with astounding feats of pronoun assignation
In time for local celebfestations upon the graywood beachside bar’s
warmish rampant
outdoor deck
Where tourists no less oftmet in bitter moments the infamously famous seeking scorch of sun at this skimped shade veranda island,
Beachput distant from hotel cabaƱas, pool, blaring tunes now deaf to sunlit sound
All pretending incognito
by backward names before backward bent bartenders of silence but for slightest nods
like dons pass crowdroom signals (or coaches conceal sideline content) from prying eyes suspicious of cement in disguise.
Here meth was referred to as ‘them’ and ‘nioreh’ heroin meant, a dil was a lid and me the barkeep was called fig,
joyless successor to underpaid bif who overpaid her himself by pricey fib, a retinue of surcharge secrets that cost them their life, with bif, deep sixed.

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