The narrow road of empty breadth

implies inseparate empty depth

Just as so too the notion of unbounded cosmic reality

entails existence of unending diversity

Minus necessity of accompanying might

to cohere the diverse infinite.

A veritably contentless intense kinetic, that,

though disposed to selfappear as pure

force minus ongoing scattering dilution,

is ipso facto itself but all surface.

For latent power of Spirit is no more forceful than its reality as thing kinetic and formally runs no deeper than its trust of self in actu

to dispense and expend of itself

its own expanding revelation

as self-explanation.


{Phenomenology of Spirit, Preface; £10.}

“…Wie es aber eine leere Breite gibt, so auch eine leere Tiefe, wie eine Extension der Substanz, die sich

in endliche Mannigfaltigkeit ergießt, ohne Kraft, sie zusammenzuhalten – so ist dies eine gehaltlose Intensität, welche als lautere Kraft ohne Ausbreitung sich

haltend, dasselbe ist, was die Oberflächlichkeit….”

(The 2010 Terry Pinkard trans.:)

“However, in the way that there is an empty breadth, there is also an empty depth, just as likewise there is an extension of substance which spills over into finite diversity without having the

power to keep that diversity together –

this is an intensity without content, which,

although it makes out as if it were a sheer

force without dispersion, is in fact no more

than superficiality itself.

The force of spirit

is only as great as its expression,

and its depth goes only as deep as it trusts itself

to disperse itself

and to lose itself

in its explication of itself. – “

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