Butler said it best at note sixteen refound one day by me in browse about for what to delete: “He could reduce all things to acts,

And knew their natures by abstracts;

Where entity and quiddity,

The ghosts of defunct bodies fly;

Where truth in person does appear,”

(To wit at this juncture in miniprint the superscript ’16’, as this:)

“Some authors have mistaken truth for a real thing,

when it is nothing but a right method of putting those notions or images of things (in the understanding of man) into the same and order that their originals hold in nature, and therefore Aristotle says

Unumquodque sicut habet secundum esse, ita se habet secundum veritatem.” Meaning just that, ‘As everything has a secondary essence, therefore it has a secondary truth’ (as writ in his Metaphysics, persooth).

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