Isochronous being as it were not just any curve
bent along said unsaid circle’s line of advance in unspoke wheeling dance. Rather yet made from pencil mark point when strapped upon circular object’s edge, in station at place certain fixed along its arc then circle said is rolled

marking profile on paper thus of the great curve isochronous.

When then cut out after traced upon thin wood

and raised to verticality conceiving its inward

going bend of rim

a rail where a marble might roll unhindered within

its symmetry which dictates the physical property when

balls are released at the summit of each slope they meet

simultaneous at the lowest point dead center like pure angle

bifurcation and

what’s more, a straight forty-five degree ski-angle run

rather than slope

aforementioned is slow by comparison to the isochronous road,

revealing a kind of smooth decrease

or deceleration of acceleration increase

that’s faster by end result than straight constant shot down

through straight incline plane’s steady groove into ground.

And so since the circle isochronous is constructed by repeat sketch of circumfrence pointing dextrously aligned with irony toward directionality, great circle from lesser composed,

one wonders what would transpire if one took the aforemade curve and stretched it out in strengthened continuosity to make an even larger circle thus, a kind of Double Isochronous, and

how different in property from the first that would be if at all.

Or if it of a sudden, aligned with that Newtonian Principle of Least Action become transformed into glowing orb explicit

as Trismegistus’ sublime sacred monstrance trisagion,

the glory bright Thrice Holy Disc nimbus effervescent!

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