Light’s quick flicker
in mind behind eyes
Of thoughtbounce rebound from thing in itself;
the redundance of photonic repeat
into allusions to
glow of infinity,
Great Both-at-once
combo of wave
and lump discreet
too teeny for wordy
confines of sparse
in polychromatic significances eskonced
the silvery needlethin
pointelist’s portal of
blurred vision
divisioning the
synapsic axon of
dendrites begone,
make haste
to rapture’s game
of unholy grates
asounding out the smells of space,
they say,
resembles burnt steak,
which stinks to high heaven for the astronaut vegetarian
from Pasadena’s lab of jet propulsion haven
of glowing flames
of tubes by night
enabling gravestones
of dead hippies
to instant portray
shining granite in light.

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