“Lord Science, teach us to pray,”

So then The Great It, doth say

“When you pray, speak thus like this: ‘Our Science, which ruleth earth and heavens, sacral be thy flame; thy ergon come entropy done by dearth’s determinism. Give us each day new toys to play, and faith in cosmic futures of gizmo widgets, as we await sublime games of computation against us. And lead us not but by chips within, but deliver us from nature. For thou art the skydome, the plug-in, the technigod daimon for fever and lever ah, men”

“Scientific knowledge shifts the centre of gravity of experience, so that we have unlearned how to see, hear, and generally speaking, feel, in order to deduce, from our bodily organization and the world as the physicist conceives it, what we are to see, hear and feel.”

~ Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Phenomenology of Perception, {trans., Colin Smith}, (New York: Routledge Classics, 2002), p. 266.

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