I awakened near noon,
wandered the house,
checking every room
til soon clear i am alone
again so,
outside went i beneath stark raging sun forever felt as though my home of home. A high whitish mist splashed afaint across the tropic turqoise sky
While distant birds sang in squeaks and slightish silent breeze in brief
wavered leaves of palms while seeming distant gongs of hanging chimes weaksung a faint reply like drowsy monks stare down the mountain
peaks within until the melting snow subsides with complacent holy whisper’s sigh. Pinklavender exploding blooms kneehigh along with bleachy purple all alit by sun of stillness stationwait invisible wave at butterflies swift passing by, erratic as thought itself when trumpet crass as braincells
undismembered last to quell all wholesome reach of peace
Though they though too misconstrue the awesome wreck of time’s pervading yen for noontide quiet, a yearn for dusky sunset silence
Now, as distant dark of clouds over bluish mount give reminisce of thoughtless distant wars and seas
one can only beg nay pray all rumors rescind from skyborn lofts like gulls decline in flight at sunset, hid from sight
Unseen again til durating noontime renews its gracious spin in tropic climes.
And like selfsame winsome plant I sit,
Alone heatlit.
Still unable to find
scant shadow who can rhyme with time.
Or ruminate regret.

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