Vaguely slightly exaggeratively
angled faces multifarious
differentiate rampantly
lampooning the otherwise scantly
noticeable misnomered features in variegation of
insupple caricature,
the bland europish never excessively inappropriate yet anticoquettish
conquestadoric scientifically tonal officiant slug kafkaesque bureaucratic aligned with frightnosed female ethicists sterile of translucent alabaster fleshless pale the piccolo flotist and dimly grimaced tidy blacktie male cellists and frozefoot danceless bassist thugs of fiddledom frissy droll aligned before rows of brass horns of flowering metallic retinue’s silvery machinix with hearts of squeaky valves on creaky chairs afore bland mix of licorice sticks with tight bright petaled heiroglyphs themselves indescript

accompanied by this these squeamish bearers of larger tubes all bandied smoothtree about in mock unison afore junkcluster piles of cloisterstylic sprinkly strings tautstrung and tinkly drums aside bottlegong pipes hung upside down like sleeping possums await the rare day of glockenwood songs
awake as golden gilded discs arise in collisionish splendid surprise to collide like chiding sides of clashing suns!

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