Owl, black holes, covid

Q.”Sockrahtease, Australian teevee has just reported the subsequent merger by distant collision of two black holes!”

S. “By how far off?”

Q. “An immense far off; also, the omricon covid variant has roamed from Gauteng into Hong Kong and Belgium!”

S. “Where is Guetang?”

Q. “Gauteng. South Africa, Sockratease! How many more variations of the dread germ could there possibly be?”

S. “You know the song: ‘One if by land, two if by sea, three if by air thus by all unseen’. The amoebalike partnered mutual osmaticism of eternally hungry abysmal voids like black holes seem a tad more disconcerting, my friend. But at least they seem to shed light!” Q. “Your humor beguiles, Sockrahtease.

I thought you would be interested.”

S. “I’d be so easily, were it not for the solemn, somewhat somber fact I know no one from Belgium. I remember though when quite young meeting a teen Belgian concert pianist. After he addressed our club he became visibly annoyed the only question I had of him was regarding the distance of his hometown from the Waterloo battlefield. I remember being stunned to discover the extent of nationalism among European postwar youngsters into the arts from one if its more pipsqueak countries, for I had also made a remark in passing it seemed odd all the famous battles fought on his native soil featured the armies of neighbors. At the time I was too young to believe anyone could feel insulted by the presentation of blatant fact!”

https://www.9news.com.au/world/two-black-holes-may-have-just-exploded-with-light-nasa-says /6fa84a48-7bc9-4f91-b371-a9a78b96d5d4

https://www.9news.com.au/world/explainer-new-variant-covid-19-discovered-south-africa /801c1ba9-11ea-499e-82be-829e1f839872

https://www.9news.com.au/national/mrna-vaccines-could-help-other-diseases-other-than -covid19/5b671934-2826-4fd6-9b37-ae3805edf9c2

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