“His need to pee was sudden, unequivocal, exacerbating” he thought from bed arising in barefoot quickmarch across marble floor in mental mist of blurred nearsightedness, yet in a sense not dangerous since houselights from here to there had been left on, even the chandelier and upon arriving to swift deload into porcelain commode thought “I must write it out pronto ‘his need to pee was sudden, unequivocal, exacerbating'” and once more in a kind of internal mumble more calmly crept by couch where the wife had fallen asleep soon enough before all this stuff
so he proffered a brief glance in her direction as he tried not to forget the exactness of “His need to pee was sudden, unequivocal, exacerbating” and did succeed
I guess for upon fond return to bed minus
unequivocal delay, exacerbating amnesia or sudden decay of thought relayed to the rectangle of colorful metal the retinue of word glimpsed first
as automaticity’s springboard array now only at last,
to conclude,
to say
his need to pee was sodden, indefatigable, infatuating belief in relief, per se.

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