Just back starring off a Broadway smash hit Lewis looks dapper fit with square faint dimpled chin in this Toulousian causeless rebel’s tee waxing serious for the camera of Vanity’s fairy ‘godmother of goddam golddust ruffians,’ the creampuff rastafarian Risquay Brisque where here he poses in her photog, shot, just prior to yacht departure for Bimini with starstruck Sabrina Schlossbr├╝n in tow before being seen shirtless on the beach of a hidden Gibralter resort owned by the little known Shiek of Marakesh, himself a descendant of the anciently ├╝berfabled ‘Sicarii’ i.e., “unibrowed men of pointy beards in turbans with long scimitarish sharp knives,” fellow assassinarys, believed to be joint sharers in fantastic destinies!

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