Little choice was left but to report the strange thoughts he had echoing clear as vibes inside my mind. I could feel the swell of dank dire type of race that wants its slaves to come to work on time.

And kiss the false gold a fool’s history that leaves the pain of all untold. Again so dumbass stink aloud of meritous means virtuous inclined. As if dead souls didn’t have to go to hell like us and all our own for at least as long a time. As it took us taken away from home stowed away in holes to know life’s just a crime.

It’s not that our life has to endure injustice much here and there from time to time, but all that’s taught us so to believe that life itself’s a crime.

And until that becomes a sickness no remedy can they find. For it ain’t a sickness felt or seen like it’s said by whitey the wise, that quote There is no fate that cannot be surmounted by scorn unquote as was wrote in report this time.

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