“So How Has Your Day Been?” (the obligatorily
formulaic ‘SH¬≤YDB’) mockimplored the
wiseman’s foe cult humanity derisive arisen
high in chair straightbackingly begging for indifferent
understanding by proclaiming decree we’re aware of
degree of helplessness before dumb whim of societal
consensusees power we exist, makes no diff to us
nor it, as if it all just steamrolled on gitalong
little dawgies unison dull song of repetitive
advertisements, animalick hunger toys built for sate,
the chiding superficialist’s mirror image demand
‘so how’s your day’ while twilight dawns remain unfelt, dewatched, in pathetic treadmill redundancy daze where meaning’s squeezed from lifeless gizmos fraught with unconscious dumb plugs for numbing stuff thus rendering a stupored populace of
suitably sustained addicts to placate an endearing
implacable ingratitude mood. First babystep benign
in comical vanity’s stupid life as tool tis true,
fellow automatons, as seen thru and thru thru you on yewtoob.

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