Sad fractured land of dire contempts, interface laced as unwholesome cranial schizophrenic split
of soul rent asunderous like divorces meant for icy, loveless plunder.
A kind of war, but not exactly, yet Merriam and Webster stand
voiceful unopposed together, in synonomic list of horrors
contemplating its meaning, of rivening meant
to wrench open or tear apart or to pieces,
not unlike rend, to split with force or violence.
To divide into pieces or fractions, herewith of organization,
nation by controversy being riven absurd in fracture as intransitive verb expressing chasm of everwidening concern, no longer ignorable, as if
famous fault San Andreas gurgled of a sudden where
distant smokey plumes of fumish smoke could be heard, felt, seen,
smelt all the way from desert ‘cross forested mounts to sea.

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