{ “…you have discovered the beginning and the result is that you are now seeking the end? For the place where the beginning is, there will the end be as well.”
~ Gospel of Thomas }
Of astrophysics, yes,
according to which,
given thus curvature of constantly expanding space
as such, were you to venture forth along the course
of a line perfectly straight, you’d arrive at beginning’s point of place.
Thus a deviation ever so slight will take you astray,
like the ‘off on a comet’ tale now seems so long ago told.
Which means denial to self an essential, reflection on possibles
if ‘return to’ means of valid comparison of experience earmarking growth, though No one who truly has is never surprised to not rearrive
on selfsame spot from which one left but rather accepts the fact
(that unlike Ulysses) refuses to expect land or clime or appearing place bereft of change: As time itself unfailing alterates by curve of rolling years by sun
what’s done by roiling fate unseen, unsung.
Hence the oddly misconstrued straightline abstraction
of Time an unalterable line unbroken ending back at start of Eden,
the original heaven
As grand fixed cosmic goal in tow and dragged along by ceaseless toil
of chain in God’s unending gyrate claim all lasting firsts retain
the same in grand memory bank ledger where firsting lasts
shall retain their straightline fame
“For if time be not line then nothing makes sense
But spiraling flames of inconsequence”
is said the claim.

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