Word just now awoke with thinking it ought be looked up twice at least so possessed of certain beauty and clearly unconscious adorned,

At first glance by mind remembered as symphonic marking sublime in works by music├íles less known than well, reference to a dance unless I’m wrong, the kind large lute evocative or the friend of enormous hollows of guitars ancient varnished, yes, ancient varnish guitars from days of callipso castinettes in dimlit semisubterrain cantinas stonewalled full-tabled filled to the gills by repeat enthralled men of gold epulettes, black whips of gravity and nameless horseflesh to watch fresh concertina matron madre songs abound in stiffnecked shadowed sarabonde!

But I could be wrong.

Banned in Spain in the sixteenth century by virtue of its tavernish obscenity, the great cellist Yo-yo Ma has this to say in The Sonic Dictionary:

“The sarabande is a slow, stately Spanish dance in triple meter. Along with the allemande, courante, and gigue, the sarabande was one of the most popular instrumental dances from Baroque era. The origin of the dance form may have been Guatemala, Mexico, Spain, or Latin America. It may also have been brought from Persia to Spain in the early sixteenth century. Later, in France, it became a slow and solemn courtly dance. In the seventeenth century, it was brought to Italy. Composers during the eighteen-century composed four-movement dance suites including the sarabande, which was usually paired with a gigue and included as the third movement. Its musical characteristics include an emphasis on the second beat of the triple meter, binary form, and a slow, stately tempo.”

….Perhaps, though how a stately dance baroque era droll cello adopted such as in Bach’s concerti became obscene seems an overshot to me across the bows of goldladen galleons supreme, but on this the day of our village fiesta it’s got me onto ‘gigue’ which, I suspect, means a lead etymological into gig, slang new world popterm for solo stage performance.

And Sarabonde I did spell wrong it’s Sarabande Sarabonde being according to Shazam a Spotify song by Sambandha a nonblonde group on Amazon, named for land of pinkplumage parrots and spelling bees in Portuguese.

Now its back to the sun, before this awesome dawn is done.

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