Thought i saw him just past light mist beyond bend,
or heard his step like rain’s brief drops after sprinkles came
from solitary overhead cloud thinned out then
So green resumed its overhead gift of light
And shadow on banks, underneath water of river where
even shade trout know better to fix hiding, mocking sleep
beneath gray water spiders and silent robins.
But then his head appeared above rushes
to its side but a waving hand
while grinning into sun holding strung silvery lures, glintlike stars. Then he was gone again though seen wellborn in form of prints in mud by shore’s edge near tall weeds, barefoot among the toads. And so I breathed a sigh of relief, knowing he still crept along all sides of River in straw hat with tall cane, making his own lures, jokes, rafts, still
along with bumpkin peace of mind away from the envy curse ‘gainst free minds.

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