How wrong the tellers of tales were and are
to reduce the beleaguered psyche of
fox to sly,
meant sneakily to imply his, this simple
spell resembles ancient tonguefares not well
like nux, crux, lux
the Latin laughers of all their books, names
of stakes, plural corners of crooks and bandied brands of smelly soap. Rather fond honors should be given all
who strive through strife, striven minus luxuries
acquiring thereby the cleverness, necessity we describe as wits, slyness, the secret acme of success
in every formal professional endeavor
whether it be law, commerce, war, or docenting
not disincluding medical remedies
and miraculous deeds of preachy clerics
who keep their heads like birds keep nests while tis writ that foxes prefer holes instead
lest ignorance succumb to dread.

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