Donne pleadeth yesternight as time of sun’s demise
A term proffering encouragement for creative likes of mine

By means of stanza second wherein setting suns confine their life to blaze of daily dawn returns

Eternal, like some fit archetype reincarnate demonstration of resurrection or currency for eternal recurrence

Of literally everything, which works provided sun be not the same each day As once so thought of all til Pythagoras found Venus not be Phosphorus in morn and Hesperus at eve, separate twinlike stars that be.

Kaushal of Bhavnagar in frantic outburst overhewn once penned a desperate lament ‘to be concluding we bravely say that death is just a moment of glimpse

but after that we again going to a long way with happiness and do not fear about death.’ Well said. But I still delight in ‘yesternight’ as single thought of use

Which when combined with ‘Easter Light’ maintains the solid ruse.

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