The fluted columns held great promise for gleeful order.
After notebook

watercolor Traumgesicht (auf Dürer, juni 1525), Warhol’s film ‘Empire’

( [abbrev., w/comm.] ; [original:] _WBhCxoKc)

stood up the need for logos equals meaning, in the beginning was the it, with god, divinity, the incomparable thing in itself of the monumental, Capitalization of the ‘The’ in solum’s eternal plead of rectitude, the solid cold iron stench of staunch and counterdisjunctive indivisible uncountable as accountable something or other….

As the solitary promontory little gray crag arising from flat green grass field, immovable for aeons bucking plows, clods, roots of the forgotten dismembered, oblivious to winds of unison fleeing clouds bearing storm premonition and the inevitable called dark, night, quiet, bland immovable grave of graves, your tears are my rockhome too: an excised incisive sadness!

“Voice of the living light” Hildegaard von Bingen, note the film of solitary rock in field.


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