Hoag’s a hundred thousand light year wide Galaxy from side to side
Making eerie sounds
like soundtracks
of flicks classed sci fi
Or postmod
synthetic music that
still goes on radio
avant garde.
Said Hoag is larger by relative
slight than our own
Milky Way,
seen in part by night
And telescope-wise she can be
seen (Hoag that is we
mean) crowned
by dim blue ring comprised of
adolescent, junior
in a kind of peer
cluster far with a yellow fade
of stars much older at center
like attic-found reams of aging paper.
And all this now has been subject
to sonification, where info gained via radar is transmuted into
color per color, wave
on wave,
building to diminsh in
crescendo-like staves
that sound we know of moogy
xylophones and
vastly indescript so as seriously meant, mysterious.
Where bright equals loud and pitch means distance.
And the scan is
conducted by
radar beaming a circle clockwise, which makes one wonder if
that’s not a bias in
how different it’d be if the beacon traversed in an
opposite way, or if
just a beam
stationary what it’d say.
Wonder of wonders construed,
to begin with there’s
no sound
in space, so the whole thing seems
but an artifice made, a
of geiger counting
of clucks and quacks of quiet quarks
like carcrash sound effects or
chimy bangs from old cartoons,
or deep sonic Bhuddic bell
of ohms to placate
sad kids’ boredom owned of mad earth’s terrainean tonal tell.

“Stretching over 100,000 light-years across, the galaxy dubbed Hoag’s Object is slightly larger than our own home galaxy, the Milky Way. The blue ring is dominated by clusters of young, massive stars, while the yellow nucleus consists of mostly older stars. In this sonification, a clockwise radar scan transforms data in the image into sound. Bright light is represented with louder volume, and light farther from the center is higher-pitched.”



https://scitechdaily.com/nasa-reveals-the-eerie-sounds-of-hoags-object-a-galaxy-stretching -over-100000-light-years-across/

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