Do you understand what needs be spoken?
Can you speak words need be said?
“The universe is expanding faster than it should be!”
“The laws of physics are changing!”
Then how fast should the universe expand?
And were there even laws, after all?
The speedy rate reality needs to push its edge invisible beyond a beyond, why ‘should’ it forever be one thing rather than the next? And who said anything ‘obeyed’ laws that exist, or that they’re even fixed?
Who said change by necessity changes at a rate automatic?
Or that the axiom must be axiomatic?
“A cosmos propelled by Love and Strife
Cannot be better well measured, than Life!”
(Only the blind see well the value of sight,
As deaf to all sound trounces music on light!)

[sub. “Being” for “Just be” ???] Just be alacrity’s dim minion by night!

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