Upside down ON equals NO,
So what such brief maneuver
staunch portends
renders dark’s absence
an acme of sameness with
seeably pure, each opposite
confessing solemn avenue
to truth’s final solidity
of truth’s solid finality.
For I turn on God filling life with Light
but that Divine sheds
nothing new that’s real
Nor alters what’s apparent, felt but leaves all meaning lost in opaque, mystery of apophatic
abyss within unseen godhead, yet, but backward switch to dark leaves me with a cosmos just as real unseen, impenetrate and voicelessly void. Only gray twilight of switchless earth, the silence of birds, bees and trees
convey what’s futilie
in opposings,
concepts’ bland
distinctions lost as
raindrops cast
upon the wavy sea
of carnivore Time’s carnivalic

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