In an enlightened age that brought earthward democracy
By means of efficiency, wove wicker, handcuffs and charcarts
With rollered ramps and tower frame sporting razorish blade of metal bland
A band of women fond of knitting gathered in beelike profusion at gallows shadows to bark howl with the crowd
And construct yarn hats with initials of victims, by nervous knitty fingered glee of delight in misery by means of hysterical mix of giggles, fake tears, and penis envy.
Where they daily held meetings away from fishmarket parades to construct what were soon enough then sexist dubbed
old wive’s tales of rich men’s confessions, prayers, even dirges sung by upthrust heads of decapitant ones, bad innocent men
meaning to enhance with superstitious dread of naked gory power to woe of seeing them again at steelhomed tower
To grin and giggle and cackle aloud so proud to establish first feminist alignment with stainless steel of death
designed to decapitate the minds of men, now like then, conflating envy, greed, and justice
to forever pre-empt handmaid myths of barricade flagwaving for fraternity minus scenes of blood;
rechristened at birth by bright shiny steel instruments of death, as fond mother of invention next.

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