Some sorta phosphate bone thing, this Tullio persona guy, the famed
Tullio phenomenon, among whose symptoms persistent identifiably prescient alending out its diagnosis as phonocaused vertiginuousness, the fabled vertigo of Tullio, a listing spate of equilibrium loss, the easy quease of still feeling motion sickness or nauseè actuel, acquired thru windborn normal everyday sounds. Although oft in actu associated with startlenoise clap of blast like blasting cap, though loud volume itself lacks factoral necessity for ranging wide be the eary tiltmaking phenomena like a babyrattle scrunch of cellophanic substance or cashier coin counters dropping clink of metal tossed as annoying phones ring while sudden doorknocks occur as does out of blue music blaring to loud sounds of children playing and even the voice of Tullio himself example what’s typical this. The presence of Tullio may also mean that darty eyes from side to side, the argonautic god Nystagmus arrives whose irrational rotational forced gimpy quickgaze glimpse is set off by sound, as was writ, “giving the sufferer the impression that the world is tipping, clockwise or anticlockwise, depending on the site of the dehiscence.” A reported tilt being above and beyond scant 15° athwart the ecliptic equinox of equapoise hiccup. Good time to quake and tremble by means of a ‘dīes īrae’ like that of old Verdi or better yet some howling mob in streets begging for bread, a societally enhanced disequilibrium dread sure to leave bent one’s
pressure within the middle ear, bad as parachuting for fun or diving for sponge, as did aeons ago the ancient sea-kin in the sunkissed Agean abode of the great unknown yet deaf Tullio!

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