Unknown one of one within,
Why seek composure through thought composing composition?
As though synonym count rang the great solemn ring of bell
rerung, over and over
again marking rising suns?
When that sound is star itself, shy of glare, invisible
as thought thinking thought itself? Atman finds soul of Brahman within, a gestative null
nonprocess thick as how great
all-living itself
sings its
own growth, as that of
all else
So even lifed organic
rock allies with turqoise sky
or braincloud
rains to share the
glimmer light
That signal divergent that
begs while augmenting pure depth of song the cosmic dance of none be wrong. To be part of it all just and only means
being all there is of partless all, the total soul lurking bright inside splendid everywhere of nowhere within without
the everywhere of nowhere, vacuumic totality
of the awesome all of All.

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