“As all of us know, I’ve ah…been asked on several occasions privately whether I thought the first shot was close or not and, after viewing the film of ah, Mistah Zaprudah countless times over-the-period-of-the-past few weeks, my recollection remains unchanged at this time; and I would reiterate that ah, the judgment of my impressions are based in large part, on what I said on a different occasion, nearly two Octobers ago. You ah, may then recall, one of you asked, I believe if I’m not mistaken it was a, gentleman from the United Press, if the shot fired from one of our frigates across the bow a few feet in front of the Soviet tanker in question, during the Cuber quarantine then, was close; and I said it depends entirely on where one is. And that if you are on the boat, or in this case in a cah, it seems close compared to the vantage point of where the shot came from, where it seemed to originate. Now, it’s ah clear from the film the attempt was ah, most likely wide amiss… And we are certain to review the film many times again, as promised. As it is…the uh… one doing the shooting, whoever he is, remains at large and uh, as it is…yet unknown….”

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